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Information about the course

Our English course is a new and exciting course for learning to speak and write English. The goal is for you to be able to use the language in familiar situations such as family, time, food, leisure, work, holidays, and cultural knowledge.

The modules have four types of chapters:

Learn & Practice: Here the theme for the module is introduced. There is a focus on communication, vocabulary, using the language actively. You learn important grammar. For example. Work with possessives (my, your etc.) on A1 after family words have been introduced.

Revise & Practice contains repetition and more exploratory tasks.

Survival English has authentic or almost-authentic content. These chapters can be worked on independently of each level.

Grammar is a separate course with grammar assignments. Here you work with grammar at the level you are studying.

Here are demo links so you can see what the course is like:



B1: Here the students learn to speak and write English with fluency. Themes include differences and similarities between people, hopes and dreams, excuses and travel.

B2: At this level, it should be possible to participate in conversations with a level of comprehension and fluency so that communication with native speakers does not become demanding for either party.

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You can use English Now! on all devices – tablet, PC, and smartphone.

This includes 1-hour of private tuition per month with our skilled English teacher Rebecca Harrisson. She is American and has worked for many years as an English teacher. Rebecca will help you get better at English!

You can also book extra conversation training with Rebecca. The price is 650 kroner per hour.

Karense and Rebecca have made a video about the English course on YouTube. Watch the video here!

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