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Businesses and government agencies

We offer tailor-made Norwegian courses for companies and public agencies. NoTe offers both online courses at all levels in Norwegian, and we create tailor-made courses with work-oriented Norwegian that is used in your workplace.

Business courses in Norwegian

Our professional and skilled teachers prepare courses in working Norwegian adapted to your industry. These include courses for:

  • Craftsmen
  • Health workers
  • The restaurant and hotel industry
  • Construction
  • Beauty care
  • Other professions

Norwegian courses for employees and industries

The courses facilitate language training that is highly useful for the workplace. We also include elements in our courses that deal with specific language in e-mails, presentations etc. This helps the student present him/herself in a correct manner. Strong Norwegian language ability is important so that course participants may understand each other, as well as learn to have high-level interactions with colleagues, clients, etc.

Get in touch with us today and we will find out where we can help you and your employees with language training. We have extensive experience with Norwegian language training and adapt this experience to fit the needs of the individual. In the course, you are an active participant and learn through different activities.

Norwegian course online

We receive many orders from municipalities and NAV for our online courses. The online courses are a flexible offer for the participants. Our Norwegian courses are at all levels, from A1 to C1, and we can adapt the courses to fit the participant’s needs.

See our courses here.

Our Norwegian courses prepare students to take the Norwegian test and the citizenship test, which are important milestones for getting a job or entering a university or college in Norway.

Taking a Norwegian course online gives the student greater flexibility to learn at his/her convenience. It is also easier to combine it with other activities or work. Many of the courses have one hour of teacher time included each month, in addition to full access to the online course. One can also purchase additional private hours with a teacher if desired.

Contact us if you need guidance on which course may be best for you. We have several choices based on your goals and professional skills.


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