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Norwegian test level A1 til C1

The Norwegian test is an important test. Vital things such as permanent residence and admission to educational programs can take place after you have passed the Norwegian test. We help you prepare for the Norwegian test so that you can reach your goals.

When you take the Norwegian test, you choose which level you want to take. The levels are:

  • A1-A2
  • A2-B1
  • B1-B2
  • C1

You must pass level B2 on all subtests (reading, listening, written and oral) to be able to enter a college or a university in Norway.

In addition, some jobs require that you have a certain language level to be able to apply for a job.

You can also obtain a permanent residence permit in Norway if you have taken the hours required by the UDI for you and your basis for residence, or if you have passed the Norwegian test at level A2 on all sub-tests (reading, listening, written and oral).

How to take the Norwegian test

You can take the Norwegian test four times a year (in September, the turn of the month November / December, March, and the turn of the month May / June). The Norwegian test consists of a written and an oral exam. Writing has three subtests: a reading, a listening, and a writing test.

You register for the Norwegian test at Kompetanse Norge. The test is held at a municipal adult education location, and you must physically attend. If you do not pass the test, you must wait until the next time the test is held and take it again.

Prepare for the Norwegian test

Norwegian test course

We have several courses that prepare you to take the Norwegian test. Our Norwegian test course prepares you especially for the reading test, the listening test, and to improve your grammar. Our Norwegian test course contains many useful tasks that help you understand Norwegian better. This is a self-study course and the assignments correct themselves.

NoTe B2 course

The course NoTe B2 course will help significantly for the Norwegian test at the B1-B2 levels, and especially for the written part of the Norwegian test. At the highest level of the Norwegian test, B1-B2, you must write two texts: a letter of complaint and an argumentative text, which sets requirements for grammar and sentence structure. You will learn a lot about this in the course. In the NoTe B2 course, you have one hour of private tuition with a teacher per month, in addition to the online course.

Flexible online courses

All our courses are digital and can be completed anywhere at any time. This gives you significant flexibility in everyday life instead of having to show up at a fixed place at fixed times. This is why our online courses are so popular. In addition to the courses, we also have many extra resources you can use, which you can read more about here.

Our course Min Vei B2-C1 will prepare you for the Norwegian test in level B2 and C1. In the online course, you get listening, reading, and writing assignments at level B2-C1, and you get quality follow-up from your teacher. You can also book several hours with a teacher if you find it useful.

Read more about our online school here.


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