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Courses and lectures for teachers

Founder and owner of NoTe (Norwegian Teaching), Karense Foslien, holds educational and creative courses for teachers who work with adult education. Here you can read more about our tips and tricks for better teaching, and our courses in suggestion therapy.

Tips and Tricks For Better Teaching

One of her most popular courses is “Tips and Tricks For Better Teaching”, a practical course where you learn about concrete steps that can be taken to improve teaching. Teachers who take this course find it both useful and inspiring.

The course is very practical, and we go through activities where you use the body, singing, group assignments, etc. Some of the assignments are aimed at improving outcomes with the Norwegian test. During the day you get a large toolbox with activities you can use in your teaching. Karense also goes through digital tools and tasks online that you can use.

The following are some of the points we cover in the course:

  • Practical grammar
  • Flipped classroom
  • Use of poems and stories in training
  • Practical conversation tasks
  • Songs and music we use in Norwegian language teaching
  • How to work towards the Norwegian test
  • Station teaching
  • Drama as a method in teaching
  • Use of the concrete
  • Games and activities that promote language learning

… and more. You can also come up with your own wishes for the theme.

Course in Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion Therapy is a method for learning languages ​​quickly. It is based on creativity in a holistic context and increases people’s learning potential. The method was developed by the well-known brain researcher and psychiatrist Georgi Lozanov.

The course is for teachers who work with adult education and language. We hold a four-day introductory course in Swahili (Karense lived in Zanzibar and speaks Swahili). Participants are usually surprised at how much Swahili they learn in four days.

The participants create a new identity where they find a new name, family, profession, country they come from, etc. We hold the course in a room surrounded by African objects that create a creative and authentic atmosphere. This course is designed to be creative and fun for all participants. 

In addition, suggestion therapy works very well for people how have suffered trauma. These participants get a break from everyday life and can live in a fantasy world where they invent new narratives that help them not only with the learning process but the process of healing from trauma as well. This is a very positive way to learn, which can help you learn faster.

The method was recommended by UNESCO as early as 1978, especially for:

  • Immigrants, to make the integration process easier
  • Foreign language teaching in school
  • People with dyslexia
  • People who are illiterate

We also hold other types of courses on request. We have extensive experience and significant expertise in language teaching, as well as various tools and techniques that make the learning process easier and more enjoyable.

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