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Our channels

We offer Norwegian language training on many different channels so that you can find a way to learn Norwegian that suits you best. In addition to our online courses, we have many free resources described below. We hope all our platforms give you positive learning experiences that motivate you to become better in Norwegian!

Online course

NoTe is an online school that offers online courses in Norwegian and English, as well as social studies and conversation training courses. We have courses at all levels, from A1 to C1. The courses are perfect if you are preparing for the Norwegian test and/or the citizenship test, where you will get courses that are adapted to your specific needs. Our teachers provide personal follow-up on most of the courses. Online courses are suitable if you need a flexible way to learn Norwegian.

YouTube – Norwegian teacher Karense

On her YouTube channel, Norwegian teacher Karense makes videos for her 72,000 followers and others who drop by to view the channel. The videos are about the Norwegian language, grammar, pronunciation, information about Norwegian tests and the Citizenship test, and tips on how to learn Norwegian. In addition, there are videos about Norwegian culture and Norwegian traditions. New videos are published every week.

Facebook Group – Norwegian teacher Karense

In the Facebook group «Norwegian teacher Karense» you get tips on how to learn Norwegian and information about Norwegian tests and exams. The group has over 40,000 members. Here you can ask questions about grammar and language, and share experiences and tips with others who are also learning Norwegian. Our teachers are also part of the group. They can answer any questions you have, making it an interactive forum for Norwegian language teaching.

Podcast – Norwegian teacher Karense

The Karense podcast helps you improve your listening comprehension and learn about new topics. There is a new episode every week, and you can listen while driving a car, taking public transportation, cleaning the house, cooking, or going for a walk. The level of the podcast is roughly at a B1 level and is about everything from Norwegian daily life and travel, to news, things that happen in society, and Norwegian tests. The podcast has at present 20,000+ listeners and over 75 episodes.

Instagram – @norwegian teacher karense

You can find Karense on Instagram where she shares words and expressions in Norwegian, along with photos from her everyday life. Follow Norwegian Teacher Karense on Instagram and be inspired and motivated to learn Norwegian.

Hear Me Out – @Karense2020

At Hear Me Out you can play short voicemails from Karense with words and expressions, fun facts, children’s songs, poems, and more. Each clip is a maximum of 40 seconds, which you can listen to whenever you have spare time during your day.


Follow our webinars when Karense teaches live. Webinars are lectures via video, where participants can ask questions and participate in the teaching. The webinars deal with various topics, from grammar to the Norwegian test. If you cannot watch the webinar live, you can access the video afterward.


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