Permanent residence and citizenship

Our online courses help you on the path to permanent residence or citizenship. We have flexible Norwegian courses online, at levels from A1 to C1. All our courses are approved by Kompetanse Norge, and can be used as documentation when you apply for permanent residence in Norway or citizenship via the UDI and the police.

See our courses about permanent residence and citizenship.

Each hour you study during our online course satisfies hour requirements mandated by the UDI and the police when applying for residence or citizenship. While working on the course, you always have control over how many hours you have studied.

For online courses, the UDI approves a maximum of 48 hours per month. In addition, you must have 1-hour of private sessions with a teacher per month. All assignments you submit via the online course are corrected and assessed, which also provides you important personal guidance. Personal guidance from a teacher is included in most of our courses. You can also book several hours with a teacher if you wish. You can order as many hours of conversation training as you want. Order conversation training here.

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Requirements for training

For working immigrants from outside Schengen and Europe, 250 hours of Norwegian language education is required. For those who are married to a Norwegian citizen, 550 hours of Norwegian are required to obtain permanent residence. In addition, you must take 50 hours of social studies.

Online Norwegian course

We are approved by Kompetanse Norge to conduct Norwegian language teaching and social studies courses online. In addition, we also have approval for physical courses. Our courses are flexible, and you can study when it suits you. See the courses you can choose from here.

With us, you get dedicated teachers who follow up with each student in a thorough way, and who take the time to give significant feedback. All our teachers are highly trained, with many years of experience, and they will help you achieve your goals. Read more about our teachers here.

Get in touch if you need help finding out what level you are at or help choosing a course.

Course in social studies

For our courses in social studies, you get a thorough introduction to Norwegian society, the political system, and the Norwegian way of life, as well as the rights and obligations of every Norwegian citizen. You will go through 7 different topics. For each topic, you will write an assignment and have a 30-minute discussion with your online teacher. Both the assignments and the conversation with the teacher must be completed in order to receive a course certificate.

We have developed our very own online course in social studies, something we are very proud of. The course is interactive and takes you through a journey in each chapter. You are presented with less material at a time, which makes it easier to get through. In each chapter, there are smaller samples you must take to advance.

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