About us

About us

Online Norwegian courses at every level

Welcome to Karense’s online school – NoTe Norwegian Teaching – with Online Norwegian courses for all levels. Our Norwegian courses prepare you for the Norwegian test and the citizenship test, both of which are approved by the UDI and Kompetanse Norge. Our online courses are administered by highly trained teachers who have Norwegian as their mother tongue, and who have many years of Norwegian language teaching experience.

Flexibility with online courses

Our courses are online and highly flexible. You can study whenever and wherever you want! The courses are suitable for people in all life situations, whether you are busy and work a lot, are at home, or studying.

We have courses at levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1. You can thus choose a course that suits your needs, whether you are a beginner or already have a high level and want to further develop yourself. We recommend 2-3 hours of work every day to get maximum use of our courses.

Outstanding teachers with instruction of the highest quality

Our online school was started in 2015. Karense has used her experience from over 15 years as a Norwegian teacher to create Norwegian courses that provide excellent results. The online school has a whole team of qualified Norwegian teachers who supervise our students. Along with the online courses, you can use our free resources, including Karense’s YouTube videos, podcasts, voice messages, and Facebook group.

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Our online Norwegian courses include reading, listening, writing assignments, and voice recordings. Written assignments students submit are read, corrected, and assessed by our teachers, with tips on how to do it even better next time. Read more about each course to see what is included!

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One hour of conversation with the teacher per month is also included in many of the courses. These lessons can be used for conversation training, where you can improve your pronunciation and become better at speaking, writing, and reading Norwegian. You can also use the lesson to review grammar that you are unfamiliar with, or even prepare for a job interview.

After your course has ended, you will receive a document that confirms and certifies what you have learned, words you need to practice, and links to useful resources for additional study.

English courses at every level

NoTe also offers English courses at all levels, as well as business English. We have online courses that go from 1-6 months, up to B1. If you want a higher level after completing the course, you can book lessons with a teacher.

The English courses are not only suitable for those who are going to learn English, but also for those who need to improve their English for the TOEFL test or IELTS test to get into a university abroad. Our teacher on the English course is from the USA and lives in Norway.

Meet Karense

On the YouTube channel, you can learn from Karense and get a taste of our online courses. Watch this video to experience what our online courses are like:

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We look forward to seeing you attend our courses. We welcome everyone, no matter what level you are or where you are going. Our goal is for you to become better at Norwegian.


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