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75 hours Social studies course English




75 hours of social studies (Norwegian and English)

This course is designed for adult immigrants arriving in Norway from January 1, 2022, onwards. The course must be completed within one year from the day you arrive in Norway. Those who arrived in Norway before January 1, 2022, only need to take a 50-hour social studies course. Read more about the 50-hour course HERE. The course can be taken in Norwegian and English with us. It is mandatory for individuals holding residence permits/nationalities outside the EU/Schengen area who wish to apply for permanent residence in Norway. The purpose of the course is to provide students with a thorough introduction to Norwegian society, the Norwegian political system, Norwegian ways of life, as well as the rights and duties of every Norwegian citizen. The course is also suitable for those who are entitled to take this course for free through their municipality but prefer a more flexible course that can be completed anywhere. If you are applying for permanent residency or citizenship in Norway, you must demonstrate that you have completed this course. To receive a course certificate, you must submit written assignments for all three modules of the course and engage in conversations with your online teacher to discuss and reflect on the various topics.

Course Content

The course is divided into three main modules as outlined in the curriculum for Norwegian and social studies for adult immigrants. Each module presents each competency goal as described in the curriculum. For each module, you will find writing assignments, which are mandatory submissions and must be written in Norwegian. You will also find a separate category featuring Karense’s podcast «75 Hours of Social Studies.» Here, you can listen to Karense’s discussions on all the central topics in the curriculum. At the end of the course, there is a test with over 200 multiple-choice questions related to all the topics. This test generates 40 questions each time you start it, allowing you to take the test as many times as you wish, with different questions each time. Additionally, you are required to have a total of 5 hours (5x 60 minutes) of conversation with an online teacher.



Rights, duties, and opportunities in the Norwegian education system

Being an employee in Norway

Tax-funded welfare

Privacy and copyright

Values ​​in the Norwegian school and education system

Collaboration between school and home

The importance of using various arenas to learn Norwegian

Critical thinking and ethical awareness



Laws, rules, and values ​​related to children’s rights and legal protection

Child rearing and collaboration with kindergarten, school, and child welfare

The Norwegian healthcare system

Rights and duties as a newcomer to Norway

Personal finances

Negative social control, domestic violence, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation

Family planning, contraception, as well as sexual identity and gender expression

Participation in social, voluntary, and political arenas



The emergence of democracy in Norway

Important landmarks and holidays

Democracy in Norway

Diversity in Norway

Sustainability and the environment

Freedom of speech and protection against discrimination

Gender equality and women’s participation in the workforce

Traditions and religion

A journey through Norway



Course participants must complete written assignments for all three modules. Each of the three modules constitutes 25 hours, totaling 75 hours for the entire course. Course participants must complete 5 clock hours of conversation and discussion with the online teacher. The conversations must be conducted in Norwegian.


All our courses have fixed time periods.

When you enroll in a course with us, it is for a fixed period. The course’s start date and end date are clearly specified in the email you receive when you gain access to the course. Thus, the course has a start date and an end date. You cannot access the course after the end date, but you can extend your access by purchasing additional months. If you extend the course, all your results will be saved, and you can continue as before. If you do not use the course during the course period, you cannot reopen it later because the course period is over. You must purchase a new course to regain access. We cannot pause the course if you are sick or going on vacation. This means that the course period cannot be paused once it has started.

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