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Permanent residency package 250 hours Norwegian and 50 hours social studies




Online courses are an efficient way of learning and getting the required 250 hours of Norwegian +50 hours of social studies.

This package includes two courses:

1. Min Vei A1-B1 6 months course. 6 hours of tutoring with a Norwegian teacher included. Min Vei is a comprehensive course and it includes exercises in grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking. For Norwegian courses, UDI approves a maximum of 48 hours per month, so it will take you a minimum of 6 months to finish all of the 250 hours.

2. Social studies course (1-3 months). You will write 7 assignments for the 7 chapters in this course and you will have a 30-minute session about each of the chapters with your teacher. You can do the course in Norwegian or English. These two courses apply to the UDI rules for skilled workers in Norway. The requirements are usually 250 hours of Norwegian and the social studies course is 50 hours. However, you should always check with the UDI which requirements you need to fulfill as it might vary. You can do these courses at the same time or separately. The tutoring sessions are mandatory. There is 1 hour every month for Norwegian and total 3.5 hours tutoring for social studies. The time for tutoring is flexible, so you can do them evenings, as well as on weekends. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this course package:

All our courses are time bound

When you have a course with us, it is for a limited time period. The start date and end date of the course is clearly specified in the email you receive when you access the course. For the permanent residency package most students choose to do the Norwegian course first and the social studies course afterwards, but you can do the courses simultaneously if you wish.

Both courses has to be completed within 1 year from when you start the first course. 

You can not use the course after the end date, but you can extend your access by purchasing ekstra months. If you extend the course, all your results will be saved and you can continue as before. If you do not use the course during the course period, the course cannot be opened for you again later, because then the course period is over. You have to buy a new course to gain access again. We can not pause the course if you are ill, going on holiday or if you are busy with work or other things. This means that the course period cannot be stopped once it has started.

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