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IELTS online preparation course



IELTS preparation –  Online with NoTe

This course offers you a complete package to prepare you for the IELTS. You can choose the package the suits your needs with more or less teaching hours.

Your net- based teacher will offer extensive comments and feedback on written tasks directly relevant to the two specific types of writing tasks presented in every IELTS test. To prepare for the speaking section, you will have face-to-face sessions with your teacher using Skype or Zoom.

About the course

In this course you will work with your tutor and the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS.  Your teacher will help you plan your study program and offer useful tips and strategies on how to best manage the tasks. For the reading and listening sections, you will mainly work on your own.

For writing, your teacher will give you detailed feedback on:

  • writing structure and cohesion
  • word choice and vocabulary
  • grammar and expression
  • how well you achieved the task

For speaking, your tutor gives you extensive and valuable feedback on:

  • language fluency and development
  • vocabulary / word choice
  • grammatical range, accuracy and expression
  • pronunciation

Who is the course for?

These packages are for students who need an IELTS test in order to study at institutions of higher education.

How it works

Each one-to-one speaking session lasts for 30 to 60 minutes and is conducted on Skype or on another agreed online platform. You will also submit written tasks, directly related to the two types of writing tasks you need to complete the actual test.

We recommend that you spend at least six weeks on the course, but you can complete it in as little, or as much time as you want (maximum four months). Participants are contacted by their teacher once full payment of the course fee has been received. The course is designed around an IELTS book.  There is a choice of two books, depending on your level and your goals. The book is not part of the course fee and must be purchased by the participant.

If you are unsure about which book you need, please contact us.


Your teacher will be a native English speaker with significate experience teaching English and English for IELTS.

Additional information

  • Meetings will start after participants have their books.
  • All writing summitted for correction must be in typed in a computer document.
  • The fee and booking for the test is not included in the package. Participants can book their own test on the British Council website.


IELTS EXTRA LIGHT: Sessions for a motivated learner

These sessions are designed for someone who can work easily on their own, using the teacher only for oral exam preparation and correction of the written texts.

30 minute overview and study-planning with tutor

2 hours tutoring (preparation for the oral exam)  meeting 4 times x 30 minutes

Writing correction

5 texts with 500 – 700 words

5 texts with 200 – 500 words


IELTS LIGHT: Sessions with some tutor support

For participants who need additional support, either teaching for the writing / reading / listening sections or additional time to prepare for the oral exam.

30 minute overview and study-planning with tutor

6 hours tutoring (oral exam preparation plus any questions they have regarding the test)

Writing correction

5 texts with 500 – 700 words

5 texts with 200 – 500 words


IELTS INTENSIVE: Sessions for a learner with full tutor support

Participants who want direct teaching for each section benefit from the 10 hours of tutoring offered in this package.  While self-study is still needed, much of the material is also taught.

45 minutes overview and study-planning with tutor

12 hours tutoring

– Includes how to prepare for

— reading

— writing

— listening

— speaking

10 texts with 500 – 700 words

10 texts with 200 – 500 words


Student results:


Ana May 16th 2024 – passed level C1 on the IELTS-test:

«I decided to prepare my IELTS exam with NoTe because the experience and results studying Norwegian were great, and the same has happened with this English course. 
Ravi is a dedicated and highly qualified teacher, who knows exactly what to do for you to achieve your goals through effective work plans and following. I can only recommend it!»

Elena Barroso Velasco, January 30th 2024:

Elena’s goal was to pass the IELTS test by the score 5, but she got an overall score of 7 after taking the IELTS intensive course at our school with teacher Ravi Sing:

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