Webinar B2 written fall 2020 (film)


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This is the film from Karense’s B2 webinar September 7th 2020. This webinar is for those who are to take the written Norwegian test at the B1-B2 level, and who aim to pass B2. Many have taken the Norwegian test several times without success, especially when it comes to the written B2 test. In this webinar, I talk about how you can best prepare for the written Norwegian test and what you need to think about to pass the B2 level. I provide information on how to write both a letter of complaint and an argumentative text. I show examples and you will get a to-do list that you can use when preparing for the test. I give you tips on what to think about when writing the texts, and what mistakes you should avoid. You get access to a video and the Powerpoint presentation that belongs to the video. The video has a duration of 2 hours and 35 minutes.