Webinar B2 writing


Information about the course

This webinar is for those who will take the written Norwegian test at B1-B2 level, and who aim to pass the B2 written test. Many have taken the Norwegian test several times without success, especially when it comes to the written B2 test. In this webinar, I talk about how you can best prepare for the written Norwegian test and what you need to think about to pass the B2 level. I provide information on how to write both a letter of complaint and an argumentative text. I show examples and tips for what you need to think about when writing the texts, and what mistakes you should avoid. You get access to a video and Powerpoint presentation
that belongs to the video.

If you are not able to participate directly, you can have the video and PowerPoint presentation sent to you after the webinar has completed so that you can watch it when it suits you.

There are three webinar dates:

  1. January 2021
  2. February 2021
  3. March 2021
    18.00-20.30 O’clock.
    (It’s the same webinar, but different dates)

There are new assignments on this webinar in 2021. While I have conducted this webinar before, this webinar is updated with completely new tasks.

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