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Suggestopedi online course B1-B2



What is suggestopedi?

Suggestopedi is a fun method of learning languages. The method was developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov from Bulgaria. Suggestopedi comes from the English word «suggest» which means «offer» or «suggest». You are offered a course that uses a variety of activities in addition to imagination, humor, and joy to which our brain reacts positively. The method is based on brain research on how we learn quickly and in a fulfilling way.

UNESCO has recommended the method for immigrants who are learning a new language.

We read new lyrics with music and create our imaginative families that make communication easier and more fun. Participants in previous courses describe the method as effective and that it provides strong results. They also say that it is motivating and creates well-being that makes learning easier.

The course is for students who need additional oral training to pass the Norwegian test at an A2 or B1 level, or for students who need to become better at speaking Norwegian at work. The course is also for students who want to become more confident in oral communication in daily life. We also provide written texts for practice.

What do you get?

·    A test used to see what your challenges are in Norwegian.
·    A Norwegian booklet that is based on a story where you get to know the people in the story.
·    The Norwegian booklet you receive has a translation into your mother tongue or English.
·    Envelopes in the mail with “small surprises” and information about when to open them.
·    4 private lessons a week with a Norwegian teacher.
·    A Norwegian teacher who focuses on you reaching your goals and who wants to correct “your gaps” and “grammatical errors” in spoken Norwegian.
·    Conversation training with the goal of lifting you to a better language level.

For whom is this course?

·    The course is for everyone who wants to become better at written and oral Norwegian.
·    The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Norwegian in an exciting and different way.
·    The course is for participants at B1 / B2 level
·    The course is suitable for anyone who wants to speak Norwegian correctly and with good pronunciation.

Recommendations from participants who have had a Suggestopedics course online:

Recommendation from a participant in A2 – B1 course: Female (36 years) lawyer from Turkey.

Hi all

I want to tell you about suggestopedi that I have been trying for almost a month and a half. I am happy to learn Norwegian with this method, because I notice that it has given me better self-confidence. I used to think a lot when I talked, but now I know that I can speak correctly and that others can understand me without having to think so much. It is very important for us who are learning a new foreign language. There is no magic wand, because you have to study well. In addition, the books in the series “The long journey” that we use are very useful and good. The lyrics are also translated into my native language. I experience that my teacher Lisa Hartmark knows what challenges immigrants have. Lisa and I have read a Norwegian booklet together only once, and I experienced that I remembered the whole story without memorizing or doing homework. This was very interesting. Worth a try. Good luck!

Date 27.03.2021


Recommendation from a participant in B1 – B2 course:

Javier (42), optician.

Suggestopedi is the best option when you want to learn Norwegian very quickly. I have tried several traditional courses without good results. Fortunately, I have met the best Norwegian teacher in the world, Lisa Hartmark. She is very nice, positive, flexible and gives me great motivation to improve my Norwegian.

I highly recommend the suggestion therapy course. This is an incredibly nice experience, because you learn Norwegian in a natural way without boring books and heavy grammar.

Date 26.03.2021.

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