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75 hours Social Studies Norwegian




This course is made for adult immigrants who have just come to Norway or lived in Norway for a maximum of 5 years. The course can be taken in the Norwegian and English languages. The course is mandatory for those who have a residence permit/nationality outside the EU / Schengen area, and want to apply for a permanent residence permit in Norway. The purpose of the course is to give students a thorough introduction to Norwegian society, the Norwegian political system, and the Norwegian way of life, as well as the rights and obligations of every Norwegian citizen. The course covers the following 7 topics that are defined in the curriculum for Norwegian and social studies for adult immigrants. Norwegian Teaching course participants must complete assignments for all 7 courses, in addition to 30 minutes of discussions with the online teacher for each course. Both the assignments and the conversations with the online teacher must be completed in order to receive a course certificate. You can study in your mother tongue, but the assignments and conversations with the online teacher must be in Norwegian or English.

    1. New immigrants in Norway
    2. History, geography and way of life
    3. Kids and family
    4. Health
    5. Education and learning
    6. Work life
    7. Democracy and the welfare society

Course length: There are two possibilities when it comes to course length. Regular course length gives you between 1-3 months to complete the course. All assignments and conversations with the teacher must be completed within this time period. Fast course length is for those who need to finish the course quickly, within a minimum of 2 weeks.

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