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75 hours Social studies course

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This course is designed for adult immigrants and expats who are required to take 300 hours Norwegian language and social studies course according to UDI requirements. The 75 hours course is for people who  have arrived in Norway from 1st of January 2022.

If you arrived in Norway before January 1st 2022, you only need to take the 50 hours course. Read about the 50 hours course HERE

The social studies course 75 hours has to be taken within 1 year from the day you arrive in Norway. To do this course in English, you need to be at minimum B1 level in English. B1 is an intermediate level.

The course is mandatory for those who have residency in a country outside EU/EFTA area, and want to apply for permanent residency in Norway. The idea behind the course is to give students a comprehensive introduction to Norwegian society, the Norwegian political system, and the Norwegian way of living, as well as the rights and obligations of every Norwegian citizen. The course is suitable for people who are entitled to get the course for free through the municipality, but want to have a more flexible course that can be done anytime and anywhere.

If you are applying permanent residency or citizenship in Norway, you to show proof that you have taken this course with an accredited course provider like Norwegian Teaching ( You will get a course certificate for this course upon completion of the course which will be a part of your application for UDI.

The course participant has to write assignments for alle the 3 modules in the course. Each of the three modules equals 25 hours each, and in total the course is makes up 75 hours.

You must have 10 x 30 minute discussions with the online teacher to discuss all the topics. Both the assignments and the conversations with the online teacher must be completed in order to receive a course certificate. You can study in your mother tongue, but the assignments and conversations with the online teacher must be in English.

The course gives you 1-4 months to complete the course. All assignments and sessions with your tutor must be completed within this timeframe. A fast-track course is the same course, but for those who need to complete the course quickly, within a minimum of 3 weeks.


Education, competency and work life

  • School and education
  • Critical thinking and digital judgement
  • Work life

Family, health and ever day life

  • New in Norway
  • Family lifeFamilieliv
  • Spare time
  • Health
  • Personal economy
  • The rights to a free and independent life

Norway before and now

  • This is Norway
  • History
  • Human rights and democracy
  • Sustainabliity

All our courses are time bound

When you have a course with us, it is for a limited time period. The start date and end date of the course is clearly specified in the email you receive when you access the course.

You can not use the course after the end date, but you can extend your access by purchasing ekstra months. If you extend the course, all your results will be saved and you can continue as before. If you do not use the course during the course period, the course cannot be opened for you again later, because then the course period is over. You have to buy a new course to gain access again. We can not pause the course if you are ill, going on holiday or if you are busy with work or other things. This means that the course period cannot be stopped once it has started.

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