Norwegian Pluss Nynorsk B1-B2


Norskpluss B1-B2 nynorsk:

This course is very good for those who want to become better at Nynorsk and for those who want to prepare for the Norwegian test, and especially the written Norwegian test. In addition, you have Skype conversations with one of our Norwegian teachers who can help you with both oral and written Nynorsk. The course has a special focus on written assignments that can be sent to the teachers who correct the assignments and assess the level. The teachers also tell you what you need to do to get to the B2 level, if you are at B1. There are few who pass the written B2 level, so you have to work hard to pass it.

In this course you get access to 3 courses in 1 course:

– Grammar course B1
– Norskpluss B1
– Norskpluss B2

The Norwegian teachers who teach Nynorsk are Maren and Eli. Maren and Eli both come from the western part of Norway.

MAREN: Maren currently lives in Oslo and works as a teacher and freelance journalist. Some of the publications for which Maren writes include Nysgjerrigper, Norsk Barneblad, Dagbladet and Dag og tid. Here she writes for both children and adults, mostly in Nynorsk, but also Bokmål. Maren has a degree from the Norwegian Sports Academy, the University of Oslo, and the University of Stavanger.

ELI: Currently works as a teacher at Vaksenopplæringa in Sogndal. She also develops online courses in Nynorsk. Eli is a trained teacher from Sogndal Teacher Training College, and she specializes in multicultural understanding and Norwegian from Sogn og Fjordane University College. Eli has been an oral examiner at all levels in Norwegian for over 20 years and has significant experience from which you will benefit.

If you want good tips from Maren or Eli to get better at Nynorsk, you should take a course in Nynorsk with us!


Conversation training:

If you want to practice speaking dialect, Maren and Eli can help you.

Book conversation lessons with a New Norwegian teacher here.

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