Min Vei B2-C1


Information about the course

What is it?

Min Vei B2 / C1 is an online course for those who want to learn Norwegian at a higher level.

You learn Norwegian grammar and vocabulary, read texts, do assignments, and write your own texts at a high level. We correct and assess the level of all the texts you send to us.

You also have video calls with our online teachers. We have several great teachers who help you learn Norwegian. Our teachers have extensive experience and several of them are examiners on the Norwegian test for Competence Norway.


For whom is the course?

The course is for those who already know a lot of Norwegian and goes all the way up to C1 level (citizenship test).

This is a course that is well suited for those who are going to take the citizenship test. Through the course, you get information with tips and advice on what you need to work on when preparing for the citizenship test. Our teachers have extensive experience in helping students who will take the citizenship test, both orally and in writing.


What do you receive?

  • Access to Min Vei B2 and C1.
  • A flexible online course that fits your schedule. Start the course when it suits you!
  • A 1-hour video call included with a teacher, once per month.
  • The opportunity to book extra hours with an online teacher.
  • Personal feedback from the teacher on the assignments you do, with assessment of level.
  • Access to the course within 24-hours of booking.
  • A course certificate when the course is completed.


Is the course approved?

Our school is approved by Competence Norway.

Are you applying for a permanent residence permit in Norway? Or citizenship? This course gives you approved hours.

The UDI approves a maximum of 48 hours per month for online courses.

In the course there are 2 hours tutoring per 12 hours on the online course. It is mandatory to have this tutoring to get approved hours for the application for permanent residency and citizenship in Norway.


Do you want to order extra conversation training?

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