Min Vei A1-B1 6 months / 250 hours (Kopi)



Min Vei is a complete online course in Norwegian with three levels: A1 (beginner), A2 (medium), and B1(intermediate). We work on grammar, writing, listening and we practice speaking in our private tutoring sessions.

The courses are individual as we have experienced that online group sessions are not so effective when learning a new language. You will find both video files and audio files in the courses.

For this course, you have 6 hours mandatory tutoring with your teacher in addition to the online course, and you can book extra tutoring sessions if you choose. The course gives you qualified hours if you are going to apply for permanent residency or citizenship through UDI/Police here in Norway. UDI approves a maximum of 48 hours per month for online studies and this course qualifies for 250 hours of Norwegian.

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