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Information about the course

This is a digital job search course for anyone who is looking for a job and who needs help with the job search process. The course is made by our skilled job consultant Eva, and the course contains many important topics around the job search process. Eva has worked for many years to help people become confident in the job search process and she will help you on the way to finding a job that suits you.

The course will give you insight into the entire job search process from A to Z, and give you security when you go out and apply for jobs. The course will also make you more aware of what should be in an application and how to write the application for each position for which you are applying. There should be a resemblance between CV, application, and your LinkedIn profile. You will also gain more understanding of what companies are actually asking for in their job postings. Norwegian work culture may be unknown to you, but through this course, you will gain a better understanding of how the relationship between manager and employee is in Norway.

The course will also give you insight into typical interview questions and what you should prepare before a job interview.

The course contains:

  • Where to find vacancies
  • How to make a good resume
  • How to write a good application
  • Create your LinkedIn profile
  • Job analysis – what do companies look for?
  • Job interview and preparation for a job interview
  • How does a recruiter work?
  • Norwegian work culture
  • More quizzes and exercises
  • Examples of CV and application that you can use as a template
  • Videos with both Eva and Karense
  • Private career guidance at Zoom with Eva

Feedback from participants of the course:

28th of September 2021:

Hi Eva,

I wanted to give you a quick feedback and thank you for all your help. I have had a couple of interviews now and I got two job offers! It was so nice and helpful to talk to you to prepare for job interviews. Thanks once again!

Kind wishes,



26th of June 2021

I am a graduate from the University of Stavanger, with a Master’s degree in
Business Administration. I was looking for a job after graduation and I am glad that I reached
to Eva for career advice. Eva provided me valuable advice during my job-seeking
process, from CV formulation to landing my dream job. I’ve got to know different
networking platforms, job searching resources, and how to prepare for job interviews. With her
guidance, I learned how to articulate myself in a better way and how to exploit my strengths. It
has played a crucial role in my career to understanding the Norwegian work culture and,
skills & characteristics that are important in the Norwegian job market.
I highly appreciate that Eva helped me to ignite my potentials and pursue my dream job. I
would recommend Eva to anyone who needs a career coach along the way.


Gaowa Sulong


10th of April 2022
I want to share a good news. I have received job offer from 2 companies from Oslo and Trondheim.
I have signed a contract with one of them and ready to start from July 2022. I would like to thank you for your guidance and support. 
Questionnaire and mock interviews have really helped me to become more confident and structured. 
Inder Deep Singh


2 month course including 2 or 4 hours career guidance with Eva

3 month course including 3 or 6 hours career guidance with Eva

4 month course including 4 or 8 hours career guidance with Eva

5 month course including 5 or 10 hours career guidance with Eva

6 month course including 6 or 12 hours career guidance with Eva

All our courses are time bound

When you have a course with us, it is for a limited time period. The start date and end date of the course is clearly specified in the email you receive when you access the course.

You can not use the course after the end date, but you can extend your access by purchasing ekstra months. If you extend the course, all your results will be saved and you can continue as before. If you do not use the course during the course period, the course cannot be opened for you again later, because then the course period is over. You have to buy a new course to gain access again. We can not pause the course if you are ill, going on holiday or if you are busy with work or other things. This means that the course period cannot be stopped once it has started.

Watch a video about the course here:

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